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There's a Saying...
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Life is what happens while you're busy making (other) plans. Ain't it the truth!

As for his colonoscopy yesterday, it was scheduled to start at 8 a.m. (be there at 7 a.m.) and be ready to go home by 10 a.m. He didn't even bother bringing a book to read, thinking it would be in-and-out (no pun intended). I brought breakfast, coffee, snack, lunch, a book and a selection of crossword puzzles.

I had to laugh when the nurses and aides goggled at the quantity of stuff I unearthed from my carryall, as I settled in for what I personally suspected would be twice as long a wait...

I'm really glad I was there, to tell them he hadn't had his meds, needed to be cathed, help him stand up, recap what had happened the last time we danced this dance (retained liquid, couldn't breathe, ended up in ER).

1 p.m. and we were still waiting for the procedure to start. Shift changes, new resident on board who said to admit him and do the procedure tomorrow. By 2:30 I was out of there and on my way home....

When they called and said they needed his medications, did I have them, and a list of meds as well.

No bother, said I, just another 35-mile round trip, but what the heck. So I brought them his missed meds, gave hubby his novel-in-progress to read, said good-bye for the second time, and left.

That was Thursday. Today, Friday, I am waiting for the person who helps me with hubby (changes his bed, cleans his bathroom, and so forth, to come. Even though he isn't here, there is a mess left from when he was having uncontrolled evacuations and I could sure use the help cleaning up.

She's an hour late. Methinks she isn't coming at all. 'Twill save me quite a bit of money, but now I have to take the whole day off from work, clean up his bedroom, hallway, bathroom, do laundry before returning to VA to pick him up (assuming they do the procedure today).

As I said, life is what happens while you're busy making other (vacation) plans. I hadn't planned on some solitude time, but I'm enjoying it anyway, while my hands (and nose) are busy delving and washing and hosing everything down.

I've been invited to a new members' dinner tonight at Emerson. Anybody taking bets on whether or not I will be able to go? I wouldn't take that bet, if I were you.

Did I say something about making plans? Well, scratch the earlier plans...while I was busy cleaning, the person who helps out showed up 2 hours late and she's new, so many, many questions, showing her what we need done, where supplies are, etc. So now I have to figure out what to do about locking up the house after she's done, because I'm supposed to go back to the hospital earlier...and I'd already accomplished about 2 hours' worth of her tasks myself, assuming she wouldn't be here.

I'll probably tell her to go home when I go to the hospital, and she can make up the hours next week. Or just leave her in the house, with the key...or leave hubby in the hospital till 1 p.m. or...hide under the covers and pull a pillow over my head.

Good thing we December babies are flexible and adaptable. Just acquiring more practice with the coping skills.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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