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My body has been resisting the cutover to Daylight Saving Time. All week I've been cheating, setting the alarm to half an hour later than normal, hoping that the 30 minute offset would help me adjust gradually.

Today is Saturday--no alarm--and I woke up naturally at what would have been my regular time, only I'm running an hour late because of DST. Couldn't go to sleep that one hour earlier....

Drat. Not even a half-hour shift. Guess I'm going to have to brute force the time change and hope the old bod gets the idea that there's no going back to regular time until next November/end of October.

Combine this with yesterday's entry and you know what I mean when I say I hate having my schedule messed with; this year's being a double dose.

::growls:: and slinks off to do Saturday morning errands.

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