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Emjay's entry (click on "Going Wodwo" to the left) had a phrase about those "sticky" moments that you remember about someone or some place or some event, not necessarily the big important times, but just little vignettes that stay with you your whole life long.

Her comment brought to mind memories of my little sister, Lucy. We called her Sissy. She died when she was only three years old. We were very close (my mother had to ask for a share of time with the baby); she was my baby, my sister. I loved her fully, unconditionally, and her death changed my life, young as I was.

All I have left of her is one photo, showing a curly blonde head poking up out of some early summer daisies. No one in the family remembers her any more, she died so young, except me, now that my mother is gone, too.

I remember zipping her into her little snowsuit. I remember pulling her on my snow sled all around the housing project, showing everyone my little sister and giving her the ride of her life (literally).

I remember how she and I crayoned the walls behind and under our beds, where the grown ups couldn't see.

I remember the two of us jumping up and down on my mother's bed (a forbidden activity) that last day. Sissy got a headache and started to throw up. I never saw her again.

It was 65 years ago. Love doesn't fade, the pain of loss doesn't go away, but it does mellow.

Go hug someone; tell them you love them. Express in words and actions the compassion you feel for someone else. You never know if the opportunity will come round again in this lifetime.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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