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Gratitude Attitude
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I'm thankful to have a place like JournalScape to put down thoughts, feelings, ideas. And record the events of my day-to-day life, not terribly interesting, I suppose, but important to me.

Writing here helps clear my mind and lift my spirits. It also is a way to connect with you, my friends. Connection is as important to my inner serenity as gratitude.

And in my philosophy, it's not sufficient to feel it; I have to say it, too. So--thank you for the opportunity to write (and to read your journals, too).

The news (is there such a thing as "the olds"?): Norm is still in the hospital. The VA finally realized that his deteriorating condition deserved some serious follow-up and rehab. I expect him to be released next week.

He's looking a lot better, talking coherently, able to walk, with a walker, slowly, for short distances. Before he's released there will be a family consultation--a powwow with all his medical personnel (doctors, therapists, RN and dietician) and family (me).

They had better have a plan to have his medical procedure done (three-four times a day) by outside help coming to the house, because I cannot drive home midday every day to do it. Because of my own medical condition (yeah, there's more than one old geezer in this family), I must lie down midday (lunch break).

I know they are going to try to force us to pay for it, and as you know, in-home care is prohibitively expensive for someone, like me, whose income is sufficient, but modest. The general approach seems to be that you have to use up all your savings, mortgage your home to the hilt, and sell your car, before they will consider financial aid for medical support.

Never fear, dear friends, I will fight them to the very end. Thankfully, my house is in my name only, though in a community property state like California, I don't know. Time to seek legal advice. And my 9-year-old car isn't worth a whole lot. They can't touch my retirement or my social security.

However, he has a house in his name which may be vulnerable. And savings for retirement (which he won't ever release; he'd rather see me keep working). We'll see what happens. I'm not worried, because I'm sure it will all work out. Tent on the beach, anyone? ;-)

Read/Post Comments (3)

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