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The Week Ahead
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I love this weather, overcast, cool, interesting light gray and dark clouds marching across the sky. There's a real biting edge to the wind; supposedly it heralds rain. Certainly feels like it. The heater just came on, so it's in agreement. The cats are hunkered down, each one in her favorite spot, not the slightest bit interested in being exposed to the elements.

Monday will be "interesting". I'll start work at 6 a.m., so I can leave in the middle of the day for the family medical conference. We have a list of concerns (he was very anxious when I didn't have it with me when I visited today) but the problem will be to prioritize them.

This is a major conference and I don't want to waste the time asking when is the eye appointment and how do we pick up the new meds on Wednesday. The lack of the mental administrative function and ability to prioritize is a keynote of Parkinson's dementia. Thing of it is, he isn't willing to cede the initiative to me, so we end up chasing our tails on little stuff.

He is the patient after all, and they're going to listen to him and his concerns because that's their priority. I have to remember that, and just hope that we can at least touch on the major issues.

After the conference, I'll work late to make up the time.

Tuesday morning is a major staff meeting at work. Lots of changes coming down because of the cutbacks and adjustments of work schedules. Mainly, serious backing off from the first class service we've always provided. It is just too expensive and our clients will have to adjust. You won't need a telephone or a microphone to hear the screaming from them. This staff meeting will work out how to minimize the impact, as best we can do it.

I'll be taking furlough days in May and June.

Wednesday husband comes home. I've planned on taking only the afternoon off (work half day), since I'll just end up sitting around the VA waiting for discharge orders and medications and for who-knows-what else. (Get the feeling I've done this before?) Then home again, home again, jiggety jog.

I have determined that I shall maintain my cool and let him make whatever decisions he wants to make. Whatever results from those decisions, I'll cope with somehow. Trying to help him make better decisions only causes conflict.

Thursday? We'll see when it gets here.

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