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Transformer Fried to a Crisp
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The neighbors in back of us had a tree incident. As the tree split in half, half fell over our fence, the other half fell into the telephone/power/cable wires which traverse the boundary between our back yards.

The power transformer, mounted on the pole in the corner of four properties, burst into flames, and became a crispy critter in no time at all. Squirrels, birds, and cats scattered in all directions. Much noise and nasty smell.

The fire burned itself out in very short order. The word "short" is operative here, since a whole section of the urban area around us went dark. No electricity. I don't know about phone service, since I use a cell phone, but we had no electricity for the entire evening and most of the night.

No electricity. The refrigerator and the freezer stopped humming. We left them undisturbed, to conserve the cold, not knowing how long the power outage would be.

No television (I prefer reading anyway), no clocks, no electric lights. No ambient light from neighbors outdoor spotlights. Very dark. No heat (blower from furnace uses electricity), no a/c, no clothes washer, no dryer, no dish washer.

I had my laptop on battery, and my cell phone was fully charged. But I found myself thinking, if the outage goes on long enough, where will I plug in the charger? Oh, yes, I have a charge cord for the cell phone in the car.

The computer? Dunno. I guess it would become a very expensive paperweight.

No microwave--cook on the gas stove. After it got dark, had to read by flashlight or candles. Reminded me of my time in India when I lived in a village that had not yet been put on the electrical grid.

Did you know that approximately 25 percent of the world's population, that would be around 1.6 billion people, do not have electricity in their homes? Something we take for granted every day.

When the power came back on in the pre-dawn bird twitter time, I thought about all the people whose lives are so very different from ours because they lack a 19th century technology we take for granted. Maybe they get more sleep.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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