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Hypochondria & Narcissism
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Seems to me that hypochondria may sometimes be a subset of narcissism. Hypochondriacs center their universe on their illnesses and pain (both imagined and real). Everyone, everything around them is there as cardboard cutouts of service personnel--doctors, nurses, caregivers--none being real people. To a narcissist, he is the only real being in the universe.

A narcissist does not age well. As he loses control of his body he is forced to face the fact that there are forces beyond his control and he is enraged and frightened. A hypochondriacal narcissist, who has spent most, if not all, of his life manipulating others via his medical needs, is twice as threatened.

He, who once knew it all and had delusions of greatness (going to write the book that would change the world, as we all read it in awe and gratitude) finds himself unable to string a coherent sentence together.

And he hates our pity, sympathy. What he wanted was worship. What he got was far less than he feels he deserves by divine right. Nurses are well able to empathize but remain separate; caregivers learn this, too, or suffocate. That's not enough for him. He wants his place back as the center of the universe.

An aging narcissist/hypochondriac is a pitiful creature.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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