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Time for Reflection and Gratitude
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I'm here at the computer, sitting very quietly, not moving about the house. If I start walking around, I will be heard and be summoned to serve. So I sit mousey quiet, and reflect, sipping my coffee (make it last--can't get another lest I be heard going down the stairs) and reflecting.

It's been a hellish last two months, but things seem to be stabilizing somewhat. The least little bit of hope and I'm filled with optimism. It's in my nature to be resilient and optimistic; I am eternally grateful to be this kind of person.

No matter how I am ground down; no matter how awful the event, any improvement, any light at the end of the tunnel and my entire being says, "Yes!" And I can feel my spirits lift and rejoice. I am not really trapped, cornered, suffocated.

My guardian angel has been watching over me these many years, good times and bad. Deepest gratitude for many blessings.

Right now, I am just thankful for some quiet, private time. A lull in the storm. A chance to catch my breath and remember that bad times give way to better, just as joyous times have interludes of sorrow. It's life, the universe, breathing in and breathing out. (Vishnu breathes out and creates the universe; his indrawn breath destroys it; the cycle continues at 14,000 year intervals).

Quiet time for reflection--wonderful few minutes.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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