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I put the Bad News Blouse in the laundry this morning with the thought that I may wash it and give it to the Salvation Army.

I bought two of the same style, different colors. The lavender one is in pristine condition even after several wearings/washings, but the blue one has been bad news. Every time I've worn it, something happens to it.

First time, I caught the long sleeve on a nail and ripped a hole in it. After flourishing the scissors and doing a bit of hemming, I now have a blue blouse with elbow-length sleeves.

Second wearing, I was carrying my lunch to the table and someone came around the corner in a hurry, and BAM! I found myself decorated in mustard. The mustard spot came out pretty well, and I thought well, I can wear the blouse with a scarf and no one will notice.

Third wearing, I was treated to a stain the size and shape of South America. After all these years, you'd think I could get my Starbuck's coffee cup from the desk to my lower lip without incident. 'Fraid not. Good thing I keep a spare set of clothes in my desk for those klutzy times.

The event attractor blouse is in the washing machine even as these words are being written, while the lavender one sits innocently on its hanger, undamaged. Am I brave enough to wear the blue one a fourth time?

Maybe not.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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