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The night times are the worst. He wakes up sweating, shaking, in pain. The sheets and pillow are soaked in sweat, and he is shaking so hard he has no control over his body's movements.

I give him muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, parkinson's, vicodin, tylenol p.m. Enough to knock out an elephant. Nothing works. He is restless and agitated, wants to get up, wants to lie down, wants to roll over. Can't do any of those things by himself, so I grunt and push and pull to try to find a comfortable position for him.

There isn't any.

Drugged to the gills and still in pain and shaking. Blood pressure way up, frightened. Nothing works, nothing.

He wanted to go to the ER nearby, but I convinced him to wait until morning when we can go to the VA where they have all of his records and background and can treat him more intelligently.

During the day he is much better, but at night, it's terrible. I am taking him to the VA today (when he can walk under his own power) and yell for help.

Please, this can't continue this way.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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