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Reenie's entry on cybersilence (see comments on previous post) certainly provided food for reflection.

It is an interesting--and thoughtful, heartfelt take--on cyberbullying.

Certainly if people were face-to-face and one of them shared with the other a life altering, shattering experience, it would be cruelty of the first order for the other not to respond, provide a kind word, acknowledging grief, a shoulder to lean on.

But face-to-face you know the person has received the message. Can you assume that in blogs and journals that the other person has read that particular post that day? Has their own trauma silenced them? Who knows if they have something going on in their own lives that has temporarily blocked the flow of words of sympathy and support.

It's a difficult situation, and my heart goes out to everyone who has faced (or is currently in) painful, grief-filled times. I wouldn't want to pass judgment until I knew the circumstances of both people.

Thanks, Reenie! Definitely a perceptive comment.

Read/Post Comments (1)

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