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Quiet Saturday
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Taking it relatively easy this Saturday: groceries, laundry, nap. Need to recuperate after last night's unfortunate event: my acid reflux acted up and in my sleep I aspirated nasty stuff, woke up gagging and coughing. Violently.

My own fault, of course. I went to bed too soon after eating--ate late because went to VA to visit hubby, and didn't get back till 8 p.m. Friday night traffic, you know. I should have just had a light snack, but I hadn't eaten since 11 a.m. and wasn't thinking about acid reflux or how late it was or, really, much of anything.

Slept so soundly (i.e., unconscious) that the damage was done before I woke up. Nasty gastric stuff, what comes up from the stomach.

A couple of hours up, coughing, settling down, then back to bed, propped up on pillows. The cats wondering why in heck I'm wandering around at 1 a.m., making all those loud hairball noises.

OK today, except for a raw throat and wheezing and the occasional cough. For a few minutes last night I thought I was going to have to call 911, but the cough reflex and the whole lung clearing mechanism did what they are supposed to do. For which I am very grateful. After going to the ER three times in four days with my husband, the last place I want to be is any hospital or medical office.

Quite a reminder to me to stay up and move around for a couple of hours after eating, no matter how tired I am. Thank you, Universe. Point made (though did it have to be quite so dramatic?).

Read/Post Comments (2)

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