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Trivia Je T'Adore
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Having been humming toreador tune from "La Traviata" all day. Soon realized the words I was putting to it were "Trivia Je T'adore" meaning, I guess, trivia I love you.

Which might make a theme for the day. Just another day, with adjustments to computer input I did yesterday (had to nail my boss's feet to the floor to get him to meet long enough to make some decisions--decisions then documented).

Then "downtown" (a slang term for central offices, much as "suit" is slang for manager) has started consolidating stuff, so adjustments went on all day long. I keep printout of initial layout, and then also a log of the modification requests, so I can reconstruct if disaster strikes.

We did have a disaster one year, as I recall. Lots of fingers were pointed at the IT folks for overwriting current data with data from two years ago, thus scrambling our whole setup. IT people, of course, blamed those of us entering (and deleting) data.

But along came I, (cue the William Tell Overture), gleefully waving my printout made just hours before the debacle, proving that all was well until the entire file was messed up with "data" that couldn't possibly have been input this year, but in fact came from two years (or maybe three) previous, as the person referenced in one section had passed away (for one thing).


We have a brand-new person (jumped promotional levels, new to the job, lacking the skills acquired in interim positions) who will do the "cut-over" this year. You KNOW I'll have backup of everything. And backups for my backup.

Once bitten, twice shy.

toreador, toreador, la dah dee da, dah dah dee dah.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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