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--Back to the drawing board (more like back to the computer)

--Beam me up, Scotty (dating yourself with this one)

--Drink the Kool-Aid (if you remember the Jonestown massacre)

--Carbon copy (and of course its cousin, Xerox). Just ask a young person if he knows what the cc: at the bottom of a memo stands for. Ask him if he has ever seen a piece of carbon paper.

--Push the envelope (test pilots and the sound barrier, if you remember your aviation history--or lived through it)

--Over the top (those kids scrambling up the sides of the trenches in WWI, only to be mowed down like sacrificial lambs)

--Get a rain check (baseball game, Hollywood Bowl, real, tangible, piece of cardboard)

--Taken to the woodshed (we had one on our farm; some children remember it as the place of punishment)

--The tube (TV, back in the day, huge cabinet to hold the crt, tiny screen) [speaking of which, do you know what a crt is?]

--Bummer, man (LSD trip gone bad)

I have been listening to the car radio a lot, during my perigrinations back and forth to the VA, especially when traffic is bad going through Sepulveda pass. Last night it was "Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man"--so I'm singing along, top of my voice, back to the past, a few decades, for just a minute or two.

I punched the memory button on the car radio so I can find that station again. It's right next to the button for the single classical music station, KUSC.

Hubby is doing well, so far. Some aphasia, but I'm confident it will pass. The nurses told me it would take four days before the final results will be seen.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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