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Drat. I did it again. I have been trying to train myself to be as slipshod and heel-dragging as the others, but somehow, each time I'm given an assignment, I jump on it. The more onerous, the quicker I want it over with.

And I did it again. I had the contracts evaluated and assigned--took me 4 hours to do it--before anyone else had even started.

And wouldn't you know? About 10 minutes after I finished, they called with changes. Now if I had just procrastinated, like everybody else, I wouldn't be making all these changes and re-doing what I have just completed. The glow of satifaction with a job well-done lasted less than a quarter of an hour.

Not only that, but the changes they want made are based on some printout or other from last week. At the rate things change around here, a printout from an hour ago would be out of date, let alone one from last week.

Drat. When will I learn to be like everybody else?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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