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Letter to Doctor
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I wrote a short letter to hubby's doctor, telling her what a terrific job she has done and how much he and I appreciate all her skill and compassion. Thank you for nudging me in the right direction!

I had an interesting time trying to deliver the note to the doctor's office or mailbox. Every nurse, every attendant, looked at me with incomprehension mixed with disbelief, when I said I had written a letter to the doctor and how could I get it to her.

No one knew exactly where the doctor's office was (one waved a hand vaguely over there); no one knew if maybe the doctor had a mailbox, where it was. Bizarre.

Finally, my eye settled on a bright, intelligent student nurse and I asked her if she knew where Dr. S's office was. "Sure," she said, "would you like me to show you?"

And there it was, down the hall, around a corner, tucked out of sight. I slipped the envelope under the door, thanked the young nurse, and left for home, still wondering, "Doesn't anyone communicate with the doctor in writing?" I guess not.

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