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Duel With the Dragon
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The weather has changed. Do you realize that right now it is 49 degrees cooler than it was 36 hours ago? That's correct; in a day and a half, the high that was squeezing the marine layer out to sea has eased, and the early morning overcast has returned, keeping us much cooler.

What a blessing.

The tomato plants and I may yet survive.

Today's activities will be much like those of any other Saturday: laundry, watering plants, grocery shopping, visit N at the VA, clean house (kitchen mostly). The regular activities that keep life moving along. The answer to the question, "What did you DO all day?" as the husband comes home from work and it looks much the same as the day before. Since it looks the same, you must not have done anything (men's logic is weak).

That's the problem with "women's work", with the domestic chores. They serve to maintain stability, they push back, day by day, at entropy, at the heat death of the universe, though every woman knows deep in her heart that some day the dirt will win. But until that day, her job is to keep it at bay for as long as she can.

(you notice that if they are not done, of the two, it's the woman who's blamed, not the man--can you imagine someone coming to visit, seeing the kitchen floor dirty, and turning to the husband to ask why hasn't he cleaned it?)

So, I'm not just doing daily deadly boring chores. I'm off to duel with the dragon Entropy. And win this round, again.

Men don't know what they're missing. They should try it some time.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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