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Is The Weekend Long Enough?
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Studies of people under mental/emotional stress, constantly at the beck and call of cell phone, email, bosses--those people who then take time off to relax, either on a vacation away from home or relaxing in the back yard--show that two days off are not enough. That may be the reason for some people to drink alcoholic beverages on the weekend: to use some kind of chemical intervention, in lieu of being able to truly unwind.

It isn't until the third day of rest and relaxation (or recreation and revels) that nerves truly unwind, the brain finally stops bouncing from idea to crisis to resolution, and the endocrine system (fight or flight) at last stops pumping response chemicals into the bloodstream.

People may not know intellectually the reason for it, but instinctively they seem to understand that there is a special value in the three day weekend, beyond its superficial enjoyment.

Take time to goof off, be unproductive. I'm going to enjoy my third-day relaxation syndrome this weekend as a chance to become more reflective, quieter, more aware of what is valued most in life. Quiet the inner voice, clear the mind, relax the body.

Ah, yes!

Read/Post Comments (3)

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