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Admiration and Opprobrium
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I have always wondered why we shower admiration and praise on people who get away with things. Who are always a few minutes late, but are able to sign in on time and are not reprimanded. Who "liberate" an item from a display and walk out with it without being caught. Who break the rules, even flaunt their actions, and are secretly applauded. Who are greedy enough to exploit a situation and get away with the goods, no matter the harm to others. Who cheat and benefit from their actions; no one blows the whistle.

On the other hand, I have always wondered why those who follow the rules, get good grades, come to work early, work hard and finish ahead of deadline are scoffed at and sneeringly referred to as "Goody Two-Shoes" or "Smarty Pants" or some such derogatory appellation.

I recently saw a generous coworker who had finished first with his project offer to help another who was struggling with his assignment, out of resources and out of time. The rest of the office workers were making disparaging comments about brown nosing and making the rest of them look bad.

I didn't understand it, because the results of our work were going to be presented as a group effort; the volunteer's efforts would benefit us all, making us all look good. So why the negative attitudes? Why does no one want to work with him?

Why do we reject good people? Because they seem weak? Why would we despise a weak person? Some atavistic instinct that says that a weak person endangers us all, while a cheat and a liar and a rule breaker seems strong, dominant and is to be emulated?

I wonder if this is behind the feelings toward women, labeled/libeled the weaker sex.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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