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Hotter'n Hades
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Well, since I've never visited Hades (and don't believe in its existence anyway), I'm not sure that it's hotter'n Hades here in southern California, but it sure feels like it (topping out today at 107).

The sun hammers you, almost like a physical blow, when you step out from the shade into the full sunlight. For myself, days like this, I spend as little time in the sun as possible.

I cannot even imagine getting into a boat and spending the day on the water, unshaded. Of course, if you could jump into the water once in a while to get wet...but that would scare the fish away, and fishing is why you'd be in the boat in the first place....

I got up at 0-dark-hundred to do the laundry, water the tomatoes, and water the ornamental plants in front (including that small strip of grass that never seems to enjoy the sprinkler blessings).

By 8 a.m. I was at Trader Joe's, home again before 9 and put away groceries, fed the cats, started a load of dishes in dishwasher.

Blueberries and yogurt for breakfast. Coffee, of course, that goes without saying. (So why did I say it? Dunno.) Folded laundry, put away.

I'll leave at 12 to go visit N in the VA. Just one visit this weekend; not going anywhere in the traffic just before or during Labor Day. I wouldn't go today, except that he forgets that I've visited and feels abandoned if the gap between visits is more than a couple of days.

Cookie, the neighbor's cat, came over for belly rubs. I put down some fresh cold water for him (added an ice cube). He patty-pawed it around for a bit, then decided it was the best thing ever, and last I saw, he was playing with it. He's going to be so disappointed when it melts!

So here we are in sunny CA, melting in the heat. Hope you and yours have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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Read/Post Comments (5)

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