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It happens all the time. The day is dark and drear. The rain sweeps across the yard and dribbles into the gutters. Nearly everyone bundles up in insulated coats, headgear, gloves, boots.

But this is southern California. The rain is warm. The temperature when I arrived at work was 62 degrees--hardly weather for heavy coats and gloves--and right now it is 66. California rain showers are usually warm and wet; rarely cold.

But peoples' perceptions say "overcast and wet and dark = cold" and so they dress as though arctic winds were going to blow any minute now.

Indoors, it's the same thing. I opened the door to our office and hot air assaulted me. Someone had cranked up the heat to 80 degrees on the thermostat, and it was already 75 and climbing. They yelled and screamed when I wanted to turn it down.

Again, perceptions. It's cold outside, so we have to make it hotter inside. Never mind that they would be sweating at these temperatures if the weather were clear and sunny--they think they're cold because it's overcast.

I've learned to dress in layers, like an onion, and right now I'm down to the bare minimum (you should excuse the expression) of tee top and lightweight slacks.

The perception of feeling cold today is an example of mind over matter, I suppose.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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