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Last night, along about midnight, I was awakened by the arrival of a herd of patrol cars, one motorcycle, a gaggle of uniformed officers and the LAPD searchlight chopper overhead. The neighbors were involved, and with that much manpower responding to the call, I thought it prudent to stay inside and listen until I knew what was going down. Though I must admit to much curiosity (cave man instinct to check out anomalous situations to re-adjust safety precautions, I think is why people want to gawk).

Much roaming of backyards by flashlight and male voices speaking back-and-forth. The tones were urgent but not critical, so I wasn't afraid for myself, though I did check that all the doors and windows on the bottom floor were secure. Just in case. Wished I had a dog. Carried my cell phone with me.

As they were finishing up (after about an hour), I think a supervising officer arrived, because I could hear the debriefing in the clear, silent night. Seems that the couple next door had a falling-out and she blew the whistle on his indoor gardening project, complete with hydroponics table and artificial sunlight lamps. He had quickly tossed the stuff out in the street as she drove away (what, officer? who, me??), but after the police questioned him, they escorted him off the premises.

There's broken glass everywhere and paraphernalia--the street, gutter, curb, and sidewalk are a mess.

Moral of the story: if you're going to break the law, keep your girlfriend happy.

In other news, I chipped a tooth last night. Or so I thought. So instead of going in to work first thing, I went to my dentist. Turned out to be a major set of procedures on a tooth last filled 40 some years ago. Novocaine involved, so you know I was a happy camper, in spite of the long time in the chair.

Dentist gave me a Vicodin to take, but I waited until I got home (did she really think I was going to take it, then drive home?), when I got here, took half. Put me nicely to sleep. Woke up with the tooth and jaw sore, so took the other half. Ahhhh...

Needless to say, I'm not going to work today. But believe me, I'll enjoy every minute here for the next 4 hours or so. Bye now!

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