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Gimme a Break!
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No, I don't mean a broken leg. I mean some vacation hours on a vacation day.

Got to the Ford dealership at 7 a.m. for car service. I've been such a regular customer, I get the red carpet treatment. And the service was free this time.

Naturally I struck up conversations with everyone I met. I'm totally gregarious when I'm in company, and a silent recluse when I'm home. (Must have something to do with Jupiter in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius. Ya think?)

I've always been a combination of opposites. Telling everybody my business, but keeping some secrets close to my heart for decades, until the person whose secret it was was beyond any human interference, pleasure, or pain. Even here, I keep some things to myself, though I blather on enough for two journals.

I love to travel--live to travel--but loving home, too, and always glad to be back.

Spending money like water when I'm flush, but squirreling some away for a rainy day that no one knows about (but you). That sort of thing.


N called and said his cell phone charger was missing. Again. So after car service, I went to Verizon store and bought a wall charger. Another was free, so I got two.

Then off to the VA to bring him the charger. As I suspected, the original charger was not missing but had simply fallen to the floor and disappeared amidst all the other black power cords under the hospital bed. So now he has 3. Should hold him for a while.

Then back home again, all 19 miles of it, driving rather gingerly because I have a cracked engine mount(s?) Will have them replaced Tuesday.

I suspect that it happened when I hit a really deep pothole on the freeway going 80 65 miles per hour, traffic on both sides preventing me from changing lanes to avoid it. The car slammed through the pothole and has been noisy and vibrating ever since. California's infrastructure is going to hell in a handbasket.

Also stopped at Salvation Army and bought lamp, coffee cup, and crime novel by Lee Child (synergy of 3). Cup and book were free.

Home again just about noon, now eating lunch while I write. The day is only half over. Gimme a break! Think it's time for a nap before sallying forth once again.

If this is a vacation, think I'll go back to work. For free.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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