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Flip-Flops, Go Aheads, Zoris, Thongs
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Whatever do you call them? Flip flops for the sound, go aheads because backing up is not an option, zoris because they originated in Japan, thongs because there's just one strap between your toes which divides to go on either side of your foot. What name do YOU call them by?

They live in the bathroom; I wear them in the shower so I don't slip and fall. She waits patiently in the bathroom for me to take them off and then she has her way with them.

Whatever they're called, my little long-haired gray cat has a fetish for them. She rolls on them, sticks her head underneath a side strap, bats them around, hugs them with her paws, and generally acts like a kitten, when she should remember that she's a respectable gray-haired old lady.

It has been hinted that we're two of a kind, but never believe it. I'm just an ordinary OWL (old white lady). You'd never catch me doing something silly (operative word is "catch").

funny pictures-Eau de Shoo is so very pew.
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Read/Post Comments (5)

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