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Time Out
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The last few days it seems that everything I attempt gets interrupted or goes askew somehow. It has been a royal pain in the astrophysics. It's tempting to blow up or melt down, but the best path seems to be to take a deep breath, maybe get a cup of Five Roses Tea, and then deal with it one step after the other. Take a time out, and another look, before engaging in all-out war.thanks, Kramer!

Overwhelming enormous problems? Nothing that can't be broken down into increments that I can deal with--or pretty much ignore in the spirit of "this too shall pass." And that shall be my theme until January 4th, when I return to work, in forward motion, rather than retrograde.

The flip side of this is to be grateful for the little good stuff. The last time I visited N in the Center, there was, for the first time in two months, a parking space in the Center's lot. I didn't have to walk, in the pouring rain, from the subsidiary parking area. Thankful. Even if somebody did swipe my umbrella--see what I mean?

Turns out the VA therapist was a graduate of Fuller Theological College. Just as well I didn't get more involved with her--now I understand the faint look of disgust I got when I told her I'm a Unitarian Universalist. Supposedly we're a cult. LMAO

That "thankful" awareness goes a long way towards ameliorating the frustration, bitterness and anxiety. It will work out, one way or another, in 2011. I just have to be patient.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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