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Still Morning
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It's still a still morning. None of the neighbors is up and about, doing yard work or repairing a vintage engine, or tearing down an old fence (with concomitant racket).

When I went for my walk today, every house still had its car in the driveway, so my guess would be that most people are on vacation--or furlough, as am I. By 7 a.m., this place (being a bedroom community) is usually virtually deserted except for a few people who work from home--and they seem to congregate at Starbuck's.

So it was a still bright morning, just a light breeze, temps in the 50's, perfect weather for taking a walk. Practically an engraved invitation, you could say. I was happy to learn that I'm in better shape for walking than I was before N crashed, 6 to 7 months ago.

I guess you recover more slowly from stuff when you're older; at any rate, I feel better than I've felt in years, though it's taken several months to get to this point. The support of friends, both in person and on line, has been a big factor, and I thank you all. A kind word a day keeps the demons away.

A bit of breakfast and I'm ready to tackle the day's "to do" list. (There's always a "to do" list, isn't there?)

Read/Post Comments (3)

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