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2010--The Year With Teeth
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2010, the year with teeth? More like the year with fangs. Red fangs, dripping blood, ready to rend and tear, with a throat to consume wholly. I woke up in the middle of the night with that thought.

What I'll remember most about this year, at least for the next few years, is the horrors of June and July. And then on into the rest of the summer, through autumn.

What comforts me is knowing that the bad memories will turn to sepia and eventually fade. I should deal with them and lay them to rest, in the knowledge that this too shall pass, like gallstones, like the bloody flux of cholera.

And, on the other side, in 2011, a resolution of many difficulties, killer stressors unwound, ghosts laid to rest. Let it be so.


My good friend at work retired as of yesterday, and I shall miss his almost-daily visits at the beginning of his shift. I hope he enjoys a retirement of being able to do the things he loves to do most. We keep in touch via texts and, I hope, the occasional lunch. My treat next time, Dan Gent.


It was also a year to say good bye to colleagues and coworkers who were laid off or reassigned to other locatlions. You always promise to keep in touch, in the emotion of the moment, but in reality only a few stay connected when there is real friendship and not just the temporary camaraderie of workplace.

Thank all the little gods of electronics for computers and the internet!


KW (http://www.astrofish.net/) opined that mid-year 2010 would be a turning point; that nothing would be the same afterward. He is so right sometimes, it's scary. I'm almost afraid to ask him what, looking at the big picture, 2011 holds in store. I'm hoping it will be a year of resolutions--not the new year's kind, but resolutions of difficulties and uncertainties into a pattern or situation I can live with.


And my wish for all of you is health, happiness and enough money to keep the wolf from the door in 2011 and beyond.


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