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If It Weren't for Coffee...
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If it weren't for coffee, there would be no life before death.

If it weren't for coffee, I'd probably still be in bed at this very moment. Today is another furlough day (off, no pay). Poor paltry paycheck. Another impecunious month coming up.

So I lay there in the nice warm bed. Stuck out a toe from under the comforter. It was freezing cold out there. Nope, not gonna get up.

Then I bethought myself of a nice hot cup of coffee. I swear, I could smell it. Must have been an olfactory hallucination.

Staggered out of bed, threw on jeans and a sweatshirt so I wouldn't become a human icicle, and wandered downstairs to make a pot of coffee, thinking about the possibility of setting up the coffee maker next to the bed for the future.

After wrapping myself around half a cup or so, I fed the cats (how do they manage to be so alert at this hour of the day?) performed morning ablutions, and here I am. More or less awake. More or less coherent.

And how did your day start?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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