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I just watched the clip of 2-year-old Mia Grande performing as Madonna (gold lame cone bra cups and all), even a sort of strip tease. She comes out on stage covered up with a white fur coat (as an angel), then whips it off to reveal costume and does a come-on routine.

Here it is in all its disgusting detail.

I cannot believe that a mother and father would exploit their baby girl for fame and fortune--or for anything, for that matter. It is definitely prostitution. And I thought Madonna was gross!

This is child abuse. She is not a doll, to be dressed up and played with like an animated toy. I wonder if they drug test the contestants?

Another thought: this video will be online forever. How is this child going to be able to be taken seriously in any line of work except fashion model, arm candy, or prostitute?

Can you imagine the effect that clip might have on a pedophile? Just as words have consequences in actions (recent Arizona shootings), so do videos. Why do people argue the bizarre notion that words/videos just evaporate, have no impact on people's ideations/actions?

If that were true, why would politicians give speeches and companies spend billions on advertising? Why would nations issue constant barrages of propaganda? Why, indeed? Because words and images do have an impact on actions. And for some unstable people, it's just enough to push them over the edge. Even for ordinary people, with enough repetition, it begins to seem real and acceptable.

What is the sound of one neuron firing?

Read/Post Comments (4)

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