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I was raised to regard money as the desire for it being the root of all evil, and discussion of it as being beneath the dignity of a lady.

For many years I was disrespectful of money, spending it when I had it (hard-earned as it was) and living parsimoniously when I needed to, but not really understanding its value.

I have changed, though, over the years in my attitude towards money. I do not desire it for its own sake (like a dragon brooding over its hoard of gold and jewels). No, I see money as my freedom.

Not freedom directly, but having money gives me the options to choose. I can choose good health care instead of relying on luck. I can choose to have my roof repaired instead of hoping it doesn't rain.

I can choose to give financial contributions to causes I support. I can help out a friend and not need to be paid back, relieving them of the burden of indebtedness.

I can choose to travel or to stay home. I can choose to feed my pets instead of having to give them away, the way my next door neighbor did when he lost his job and became homeless.

I value money for the freedom it gives me, for the choices I can make. I am grateful to have enough money each month to be able to pay my bills and put a little away for property taxes and retirement.

I've been thinking a lot about past choices. I made the right career choice and I am thankful for it.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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