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New Roof
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Roofing company supervisor and manager came by my house last night, inspected roof, took pictures.

Then I sat down to a three-hour presentation, showing roof wind and water damage, what's required legally to bring roof up to code, licenses, insurance, bond certificates for the company, the whole nine yards.

Bottom line is that I've waited as long as I dare to get the roof repaired, without there being major inside damage. The water stains in the attic area were plain to see; it was only a matter of (short) time before the water made it to the interior of the house, with concomitant mold.

I gritted my teeth when he told me that the entire roof needed to be replaced, but it was obvious that it did. It's not up to code and in order for it to be done, it has to be stripped down to the rafters and central beam and done right.

Oh, well, it's only money. No sense in painting the walls and sanding/oiling the wood floors if the roof is going to leak, right?

I was so wound up after the contract signing that I couldn't sleep. Paying the price this morning--even two cups of coffee are not enough to keep me alert. Everyone's asking me if I'm all right. It must show on my face, in my posture.

In two weeks, if the nice weather holds, I should have a shiny new roof. Let us pray they don't find termite damage.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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