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Saturday, Caturday
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funny pictures - Nuttin better'n a nap on Caturday...... Unless it's a nap on Sunday or Monday orTuesday or......

Weather is cool and overcast (what a relief!) and after visiting N at the VA Living Center later today, I will treat myself to a caturday nap, (I pride myself on having a great naptitude).

Descanso Gardens was beautiful--right at the end of the camellia blooms and the beginning of the tulips. Took the docent tour and it was well worth it. Learned a lot about the history of the gardens and the ecology of the various subclimates and plantings.

But it was horribly HOT and the weather diminished our enjoyment somewhat. Even the docent was sweating and somewhat wilted, confessing that he had enjoyed last week's rain a lot more than the current heat wave. We ended the day exhausted and overheated.

Work on the roof has come to a halt, waiting for the city inspector's approval of the decking. So long as it doesn't actually rain, no big deal. I'm so used to dust and debris by now that living in the mess a little longer isn't going to kill me.{cough, cough}

After the roof, the floors. What was going to be a quick fix-it clean it up project has turned into a house renovation.

I can see that my new housemate is enthusiastic about starting a project, but not so good on finishing. (She jokes about being ADD, but I suspect it's not a joke.) No problem. If I can't live with the half-finished task, I can either finish it myself (if I have the skills) or hire someone (which is what I did with the floor).

My husband often did the passive-aggressive thing of starting a project (or promising it) and not following through--and refusing to let me hire somebody to complete it. Therefore, the house is a sinkhole of half-baked "projects". However, he no longer has a veto (which annoys him no end) and things are moving right along, pausing only for rainstorms to pass and for me to get time off from work.

I've waited a long time for autonomy and/or partnership. Feels good.

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