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eReader Gone Wild
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I found two sites from which you can get free books for Kindle. Kindle lists their free books, too, but they are not readily accessible--you can't sort or browse easily--and the free entries of Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen and others of that era go on and on, page after page.

Well, at the Baen Free Library and at eReaderIQ, you can search and browse both. Additionally, at eReaderIQ you can look for recently reduced prices. I just went hog wild, and now have more books on my Kindle than I'll be able to read in a year. Maybe a couple of years.

One thing I've noticed is that if one book in a series is free, and I like that one, I'll buy all the others too. So I guess it's a worthwhile situation for the authors, as well. They will be selling me books I wouldn't have bought otherwise, probably because I wouldn't have known about them.

Thank goodness Kindle has the capability of grouping books into "Collections" (which you name yourself), or I'd have pages and pages and pages to go through every time I wanted a new book to read.

In other news, I finally received the statement from Wells Fargo (from here on out to be abbreviated as WTF). No pre-payment penalty, thank goodness.

I researched the usury laws in California (murky), and it seems that there are loopholes big enough to drive a semi through, and this WTF account fits into one of them.

I'm grateful that I have the wherewithal to pay it off.

Drove a heavy vehicle (the kind that requires a special license) for the first time in many years yesterday. They needed help shuttling the vehicles around the lot (it's being re-striped) and I volunteered for a bit. Brought back lots of memories of "back in the day".

See you on the flip side!

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