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Just Couldn't Resist
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This is Spring Break week. [No longer PC to call it Easter Vacation]. Nothing much happening at work after finishing yesterday's assignment--don't have to do annual reviews for employees, thank goodness--and I couldn't resist taking today as a vacation day.

It was a glorious feeling to be able to wake up naturally, at sunrise, instead of being yanked out of a nice warm bed in the pre-dawn chill to the clamour of the alarm clock. Cantankerous cats, all snuggled happily in the folds of the bed covers, complained as they were moved out of the way.

I pulled on some jeans and then jumped back under the covers for a few minutes to take advantage of the residual body heat to warm them up--they were cold, the damp kind of cold that clings to your body.

Now, all nicely warmed up and topped off with a tee shirt and pink sweatshirt, I'm ready for the morning coffee. Just take that vein there and insert the needle...aaaaah....

I can tell from the way the last couple of hours have slithered by, that if I'm going to be productive after retirement, I'm going to need a new set of morning protocols and a righteous TO DO list. Without those, I'm going to fritter away my time and feel/be useless.

With enough lack of structure to be flexible, of course. Apart from feeding the cats and keeping the litter box clean, paying the mortgage and the bills, there's nothing else of life-changing urgency that couldn't be put off if a better offer came along.

Batty, do you agree? Sue, you're an expert at post-retirement living. And others, too, I'm sure. Comments appreciated.

Off to mainline some more coffee. Or maybe ingest the normal way.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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