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A Sense of Humor
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I read Time magazine online. Somebody on staff has a sense of humor. Today's headlines caught my attention. First, the amusing ones:

Does Male 'Enhancement' Work? It's a Long Story. Can't believe that one got past the editor.

Barbie vs. Bratz: In a Doll-Eat-Doll World, Lawsuits Go On. Headlines going to the dogs.

Then, the rhyming one:

Why Sports in LA Are in Disarray. At least there's no innuendo, just bad poetry.

One of the jobs I did to put myself through college was to read and write newspaper copy. I quickly found myself promoted to Assistant Night Editor, the duties for which incuded creation of headlines for the morning edition.

We tried very hard to sneak dubious heads past the Senior Night Editor, not very successfully, as our efforts weren't particularly subtle. We didn't really expect any of them to see the light of day, but the game kept us all awake and alert during the wee hours.

The more tired we got, the more ridiculous our writing, and the more we thought we were being just terribly witty. Kind of like being drunk or high on pot. In reality the witticisms were pretty lame.

Then in the morning I'd report at 5:30 a.m. to my other job waiting on tables, and from there go by bicycle to my 8 a.m. classes.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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