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Denim Day
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Today is Denim Day in Los Angeles.

My employer sent a memo to all employees:

I encourage you to wear jeans on this day as a visible sign of protest against the myths that still surround sexual assault. Participation in Denim Day also promotes prevention through education, and allows more survivors of sexual assault to reach out and find help while also helping men and boys understand the critical role they play in preventing violence against women. Women and girls neither ask for nor deserve to be raped ever. Silence does not equal consent. On Wednesday, let us unite against the rape of girls, women, boys and men. With our jeans, we will make a statement in support of survivors, to break the silence and end the violence.

Of course he sent it so late in the day yesterday that most employees had gone home by the time it arrived by email.

Sounds like an afterthought to me--or, if you want to be Machiavellian about it, a memo from someone who wants to look compassionate and reformist but is really committed to conservative patriarchal values.

Rather like economic/finance "reforms" of the past couple of years. The right words, no substance.

I should be more generous--perhaps he truly is committed to the above principles, and just forgot to notify employees in a timely manner. Could happen to anybody, and I'm being much too harsh in my comments.

And the CEOs of banks and finance institutions really have earned their multi-million dollar bonuses and deserve every penny of it.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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