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Gossip, and the Content Thereof
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Yesterday the training and safety department had a big luncheon with the headquarters staff to celebrate I know not what. I think it was for the impending retirement of the Manager of that particular department (don't let the door hit you on the way out, sirrah!)

Today the chatter (it's been 30 minutes so far and still ongoing) is all about the event yesterday. I expected that it woud contain the usual gossip--who is sleeping with whom, who is suspected of gaming the promotional exams, who might be pregnant, who has gained weight.

But no, to my surprise (I can't help overhearing it, even with my door closed), the gossip consists of recounting what each person ordered, right down to the drinks and the side dishes. And then, (quite a coup!) how much of the portion each person ate and who asked for boxes to take leftovers home (gauche).

Now I *really* feel like an old fogey, because it would never occur to me to track and record people's eating habits at a celebratory luncheon--or any other time, for that matter--except perhaps for when my daughter was sick or my mother was recovering from surgery. I do think I might notice if they threw up on the person sitting next to them. These people would be able to tell you what the sick person had eaten, so great is their interest.

Just think, the next time we go out in a group for dinner, everyone will be memorizing what I ordered and what I ate, while I will be oblivious, thinking that the conversation is the most important part of the event, and paying no attention to the forking of food. I'll remember what people said, but not what they ordered and how much of it they consumed.

I'm so out of it....

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