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The Pursuit of Happiness
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The pursuit of happiness won't bring you happiness. Happiness isn't a "thing" to be acquired, like a new car. The pursuit of happiness, by definition, means that you have determined that either you are unhappy or you are not satisfied with what you have. 'Not happy' have you declared yourself to the universe.

The pursuit of happiness means that you may not be engaging in activities which both enhance life for yourself and others and which bring you a sense of meaning in this wide universe, because you're busy chasing after "stuff" or status or whatever.

If you have expectations about what will make you happy--more money, bigger house, fancier car--you have thereby made yourself vulnerable to failure and unhappiness. If you are grateful for being alive, satisfied with what you have, engaged in meaningful life activities, no one, nothing, can truly wrench you from your center, your knowledge that you are one with the universe.

This was written while trying to block out the bellowing of a co-worker; she must think she's aboard ship and has to be heard above the wind and waves. It doesn't say what I wanted to say as well as I wanted to say it. One of these days I'll try this topic again. When it's quiet.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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