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Electronic / Electric Stuff
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I understand the fascination with the newest, glitzy-est, option-loaded gadgets. When I cruise through a store, I'm drawn to the section of the store where things flash, beep and scroll. I pause, fascinated, watching all the demos.

But I never -- I should say seldom -- buy any of them. I have a two-year-old cell phone (my friends deem it antiquated), and a laptop much older than that. At work my computer, by my choice, is still running Windows XP. Kindle is version 2, bought Dec. 2008.

They all work just fine, thank you, and, though I constantly test the "need" factor against the "want" factor, because I am dazzled by the challenge and fun of new electronics, seldom do I need to replace or acquire any of them.

The same goes for electric appliances. My clothes dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher date from the 20th century, all working very nicely, thank you. The washing machine is 10 years old and still going strong. (No, I do not consider them fun, nor am I bedazzled by them.) So why would I replace any of them?

I bought my car in 2002 and have kept it serviced and maintained. Though no longer sparkly, it still serves me well. I love to drive. The open road, no place to be at any particular time, good music to listen to...soon, grasshopper, after you retire....

I remind myself that I can have the new gadgets now, or I can save my money and live free in just a few months. I can wait.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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