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Writer's Block
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From Mental_Floss, ways to beat Writer's Block:

"I've been researching ways to beat my writer's block. Here are some tricks famous people have used to beat the block:

-Get Naked: When Victor Hugo ran out of ideas, he'd make his servants take all of his clothes, and leave him completely naked in a room for hours. With just a pen and paper, there wasn't anything else to do but write.

-Get Naked, Morning Edition: Ben Franklin used to wake up at 5 am to take "air baths." He'd strip, grab a pen and paper, and then sit in front of a window to let the bracing breeze inspire him.

-Wait for Rain: ...the playwright Maxwell Anderson claimed he could only write when it was raining outside. His fair weather solution? To stay productive in sunny weather, he had a sprinkler attached to his roof."

[There's a theme here somewhere, I just know it.]

My favorite trick is to flip through my collection of interesting and colorful words (on 3 x 5 cards). There is almost always something to set me off.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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