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Rude Employees
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I went to my local supermarket for grocery items yesterday. I needed a few non-perishable items and I wanted some fresh apricots, which are now in season, if they were ripe.

Finally I reached the aisle where the canned beans were shelved. Wouldn't you know it--the brand I like best was on the top shelf, where I couldn't reach it.

I found an employee and asked him for help, explaining that I was too short to reach the top shelf. He said for me to just take another brand on a shelf lower down, they were all the same. When I explained that I wanted my favorite brand, he put his ear buds back in his ears, and walked off.

So I went to the manager to complain. The manager's reply was that employees are too busy to "tote and fetch" for older customers (I have gray hair)--early in the morning they are required to stock the shelves. He, too, suggested I just settle for another brand. His attitude was quite condescending and dismissive. Busy man. Old lady.

I finished filling my basket with non-perishables piled high. I pushed it to the manager's desk and told him that he had just lost a good customer. I wouldn't be buying this basketful, and I wouldn't be back. There are lots of other supermarkets nearby.

Except for writing to corporate headquarters, the only way a customer can take action against a business that isn't treating them with respect is to take their business elsewhere.

On the other hand, for businesses which show customers courtesy and improved service, an attaboy in writing and a friendly word to the manager are always appreciated.

As for ripe apricots, I guess I'll have to visit my nearby Farmer's Market.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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