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Weather and Wildlife
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Yesterday evening it cooled down enough to enjoy sitting outside. We took our beer/wine glasses out onto the patio and sat and watched the grass grow, the tomatoes turn pink, and ...

What was that? I asked my friends as something with ratty tatty fur and a long tail sauntered slowly by, practically walking over my bare feet.

It was a possum, probably female, huge in girth. She was totally unconcerned with our presence. Heading straight for the cats' water dish and food dish, she looked neither to the left nor to the right, nor did she increase her pace. We were of no interest to her; she was hungry and thirsty (and probably hot).

Speaking of hot, it skyrocketed to 101F degrees today. The house was open to the elements, as the wall air conditioner in the living room was being replaced. By 4 p.m. the job was done and we closed up the house, turned on the A/C and by 5 or so it is nicely cool indoors. It's still 99F outside.

I called Animal Control about trapping the possum. They said it is "indigenous wildlife" and there's nothing to be done except coexist. When I asked about the danger to the cats they said there was none, that they get along quite well, mostly ignoring each other. Oh.

It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow (103F), so the timing of the A/C installation is perfect. The common room of the house will be cool enough to be enjoyable again. Except for church, I plan on staying home for the rest of the weekend. Too many people out there on the road; even today traffic was bumper to bumper coming back from the VA.

Drinking and driving. I want no part of it.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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