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Preaching to the Choir
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I've had close women friends as well as close men friends all my life. There are some ways you can relax with a person of the same sex that are unlikely--or uncomfortable--with a member of the opposite sex. No discussion of PMS with the guys.

I work in an industry that seems to attract many same sex couples, I imagine it was at first because of the protections in place against discrimination, but now I think there's a comfort level with there being so many other gay people for this employer, and also the ease with which they are accepted. In fact, there is no "they"; just employees and friends (or non-friends).

Something similar could be said about my church. There are quite a few gay, lesbian, transexual people in my church, but no one thinks much about it either way. We see our friends, our community, not "different" people. [Though some might say we're so different, one from the other, that trying to get us to do any coordinated effort is a bit like trying to herd cats.]

Our guest minister yesterday preached a sermon on tolerance for lifestyle choices different from our own. We were, like, "Ho hum, why are you preaching this to us? *We're* not the ones you need to convince." Preaching to the choir.

Given my normal surroundings, you can understand how startled I was to run into a rabid conservative Christian this morning who cited the Sermon on the Mount and love thy neighbor one minute and hate for all homosexuals the next.

Say what??

Read/Post Comments (3)

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