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Strange Political Quotes (from strangecosmos.com):

"What's a man got to do to get in the top fifty?" - President Bill Clinton, on a survey ranking the Lewinsky scandal as the 53rd most significant story of the century.

"You know, Tim, that's one of the things that will be debated." --New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, after being asked by NBC's Tim Russert why he didn't use buses to evacuate residents in accordance with the city's evacuation plan

"African-Americans watch the same news at night that ordinary Americans do." --President Clinton on Black Entertainment Television, November 2, 1994

"I am filled with humidity" --Speaker Gib Lewis

"I have orders to be awakened at any time in the case of a national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting."-- Ronald Regan

"We are ready for any unforseen event that may or may not occur." --Al Gore

"What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?" --Marion Barry

"We don't want to open a box of Pandoras."-- Gov. Bruce King

"Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25."-- Sen. Mary Anne Tebedo

"She's a wonderful, wonderful person, and we're looking to a happy and wonderful night... uh, life."-- Sen. Ted Kennedy, about his then-fiancee

"I don't know anyone here that's been killed by a handgun." -- Rep. Avery Alexander

"If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure."-- Dan Quayle

"The world is more like it is now than it ever has before."-- Dwight Eisenhower

"You read what Disraeli had to say. I don't remember what he said. He said something. He's no longer with us."-- Bob Dole

Funny Pictures - There Is a Chocolate-Bar-Shaped Hole in My Heart Where I Used to Love You
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