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Dealing with Worry
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Just in case--

I pay my bills online, and the ones due at or near the 1st of the month, already set up a few days before.

Just in case--

I've put enough money from savings into my checking, which pays out to these accounts, to cover all the first half of the month.

Just in case the social security gets paid in the form of an IOU, I've got things covered.

That's the way I operate. I envision the worst case scenario, prepare for it, and then dismiss it from my mind. It will work out however it works out. I've done what I could to deal with it.

Saves me a lot of worry.

Come to think of it, the other way I handle financial worry is to schedule a particular time to address that concern. I sit down with my checkbook, list of accounts, and computer, and have myself an old-fashioned flurry of fretting, allocating, paying (or postponing).

When I'm done, the accounts are paid, time is up for that particular worry session and I feel much better, with the whole thing over and done with until the next time.

In between sessions, I don't think about money much, because there's nothing else to do about it.

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