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Politics on my mind
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The meme I'm reading on various sites is that the President caved, surrendered, to save the country from default. He knuckled under to the supreme white leaders in the Congress. They beat him down. Did you see how exhausted he looked in his 4-minute address to the nation yesterday?

He wasn't double teamed; he wasn't triple teamed; he was 200+-to-one teamed. Republicans certainly know how to carry (and use) their big stick.

I keep thinking that there is an underlying problem with the paradigm of our government. It is not a corporation and should not be run as a business which is supposed to make a profit (in this case for the corporate stockholders who bankroll the politicians).

Government should be envisioned as a non-profit agency. Its purpose not to make money but to provide services for its clients. Clients, not customers. That means you and me.

Anyway, might as well save my (metaphorical) breath. The Repugs won and beat the black man down. I'm sure they feel better for the victory; damn the torpedoes!

Read/Post Comments (7)

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