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Yesterday we opened up our offices, went to our cubicles, flipped the light switches and were greeted by thousands of industrious ants.

This happens every year about this time, when it's hot. Happens again in 6 months or so when/if the ground is saturated with water. The ants go on the march.

We sprayed and wiped. A couple of the women were freaked out, as if the ants were some kind of fearsome, filthy, predator. Personally, I'm more freaked out by cat scratches. I have a litter box and I know where those paws have been.

Our Indian employee, I noticed, just wiped her desk off, but did not use any kind of cleaner or soap. Sure enough, later in the morning the area around her keyboard was alive with busy bodies clustered around the crumbs.

She came running into my office, "What do I do?" Uh...wipe your desk down with alcohol. Better yet, when in trouble or in doubt, run and holler, scream and shout.

I have tried to explain to her before about the difference between looking clean and being clean, most particularly when it comes to odors and insects. Crumbs and grease smears (even if you can't see them) are "come hither" signals for our 6-legged co-habitants.

I'll try again later today when she's calmer.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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