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Saturday Morning
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Don't know what it will be like later in the day, but this morning is cool and overcast. In August! [you know I am always sparing with the exclamation points, but this is deserving of one] Not unheard-of, but rare enough to be noted. And enjoyed.

I love the cool overcast mornings. The birds wake up, chirping and cooing sleepily, later than usual. The cats stretch and purr and cuddle up immediately afterward to nap after their exhausting 5-minute period of wakefulness.

I was yawning, too, as I headed for the coffee pot. No--this morning feels just right for a nice cup of tea. A cuppa, a biscuit, and I'm feeling fine.

Looking back over the previous week, I've said "this is the last time I'm going to do such-and-so" several times. The annual bid is completed and my stress level just dropped several notches. The worst is over for this calendar year, except for start-up.

From now until December 24, I will be taking days off to use up my accumulated illness time. Official date of retirement set for December 24. Merry Christmas! [another well-deserved exclamation point]

The more I say good-bye and settle into detachment from my usual intense involvement, the easier the actual retirement will be. So much of who I am has been wound up in what I do for a living, that it was actually difficult to decide to retire.

I love what I do, but it's time. I have lots of other life to live. Full-time employment is getting in the way. If only they'd let me work part-time....

Read/Post Comments (4)

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