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Well, it's definite. The transmission has to be replaced or rebuilt. If I have it replaced with a refurbished transmission, the warranty is for 3 years (unlimited miles). If I have it rebuilt by the local shop, the warranty is for 1 year.

Either way, the cost is on the upward side of $2000, so I guess I'll just bite the bullet and have it done. I've had it serviced regularly since I bought it and never a problem with regular California-required emissions checks. So I think it's worth repairing, because the engine still seems in good shape. So far.

Also, it won't be ready until late Friday afternoon. Anyone taking bets on whether or not I'll have a car to drive home on Friday? The place I take it to has a so-so track record for meeting their estimated completion time.

I can always get a ride home from friends. Picture this: Late Friday afternoon, temperatures hovering around 105 degrees, end of a long week. With a week's worth of 12-hour days behind me (start-up, Batty). Ah, yes, I'm looking forward to it. Last time I'm going to have to do this September craziness.

Best case scenario: The work is done on time and I can go home in an air-conditioned car, and relax. Let us hope.

Meanwhile, back to cringing every time the phone shrills at me....

Read/Post Comments (8)

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