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Money's Worth
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My employer certain got his/its money's worth from me today. I feel quite satisfied, that I did a good job and was very productive. Good thing I had that four-day "weekend" because today was tremendously busy for all of us.

My coworkers said that Monday, yesterday, was so quiet they were wondering where everyone was.

My guess is that customers were arming themselves (figuratively speaking), girding loins, strapping on armor, selecting weapons, for today's battle.

Well, maybe I shouldn't use a fight metaphor, since it was more like a series of puzzles and conundrums. How to get a customer from here to there in 35 minutes, when our driver timed it for 45 minutes. Person requesting said that he could drive it in 35 minutes. I replied, "Well, sir, our drivers have to drive the speed limit."

Heh. Gets 'em every time.

Still have a number of "situations" sizzling on the fire. Several are familiar to me, since the same people (or group of people) complained last year. I don't know why they think they will get a different answer this year. What's that definition of insanity?

The person who will replace me when I leave is already talking smack about how he will "clean up the mess" when he takes over. I'm going to email him and invite him to share his concerns with me, since I would be happy to clean up before he arrives, if I knew what his concerns were.

Can I be snarky, or what.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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